Sample Projects

A collaborative design studio, making brands and communications distinctive and engaging across multiple-platforms.

Roundtable provides an agile design service by pooling award-winning creative, technical and strategic talent for each individual challenge.

Roundtable's design processes are closely tailored to each client's resources and objectives. Every new project is approached with no preconceptions and best practice firmly in mind.

Broadly speaking we apply the following process as a backbone for larger projects such as branding or websites:


Your project expectations are meticulously investigated through an involved analysis of your brand and business for cross-platform delivery.


Using the 'discovery' outcomes to identify unique strategies, your objectives are achieved via an open-minded, inspired and versatile approach to ideas and functionality.


Attentive specialist crafting and technical development produce bespoke, meaningful final outcomes that exceed expectations.


Dynamic final deliverables are designed with effective future application and functionality firmly in mind.

This process is applied to the following:

  • Brand identities, guidelines and stationery
  • Multi-device websites and mobile applications
  • Packaging and point of sale
  • Printed material and literature
  • Signage, exhibitions and retail environments
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Infographics and information design
  • Animation and motion graphics
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